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Welcome to Swindon Restringing service


We offer a high quality stringing service for 

Badminton , Squash, and Tennis.

We also sell Grips and accessories and Ashaway & Inflight Rackets.


My name is Steve Howard after many years of playing and coaching badminton in the

local leagues in Swindon area and having many rackets restrung some good and some not as good. 

I decided to start restring my own rackets as i got more competent club members started to ask me to restring their own rackets.

I then started to get asked if i could string Squash and Tennis rackets this was about 5 years ago and  each

year since we keep getting more players bringing their rackets in for a restring.

We are stringing rackets for county players league players and social players and we must be doing something right as we keep getting customers coming back


How to get your racket restrung

Drop Off

If you contact me i will give you directions of where and when to bring your racket to us.

Collection service

We do offer to collect if you are unable to bring your racket to us (not all of are customers have transport) please contact us for more details


We often get asked by customer in other parts of the country if we can help.

We are please to offer this service contact us for more details


Visit www.racketsportssupplies.co.uk


We will always give you advice about string tension.we keep records of your racket and the stringing tension. 




Should I get my racket restrung

Broken strings

Sorry if you break a string you don't have a lot of opptions

Loss of Tension 

All rackets lose tension a good guide is how many times do you play a week if 1/2 times a week you should have a restring every 6 months 3/4 a week should have a restring every 2-3 months.

Tension guides

Most modern rackets have a guide for the tension printed on them with +/- figure this is a good guide what your racket can safely be restrung to We will string rackets to your requirements.


This can be done on some rackets most modern rackets will be unable to have repairs carried out as the holes are designed to only accept 1 string 

We will always advice what can be done for your racket



Call us for more information about restringing your racket

Quality Stringing and competitive pricing